Medical & Non-Toxic

KPC® is a supplier of flexible PVC compounds designed to meet the stringent demands of medical device, food processing and other non-toxic applications.

Years of formulating experience has enabled us to produce medical compound which are superior in quality.

• Good early color
• Good long term stability
• Good clarity
• Low water blush
• Pass USP Class VI and Cyto-Toxicity testing
• Kink Resistance
• Consistency in Hardness
• No Fisheyes
• Exudation Resistance

Our range of product includes compounds for both Extrusion and Molding applications:

• Clear and Opaque Compounds
• Non DEHP Compounds
• Non Phthalate Compounds
• Gamma Stable Compounds

• Blood Transport Tubing
• Dialysis Systems
• Oxygen Delivery Systems
• Drainage Systems
• Adaptors
• Valves
• Connectors
• Drip Chambers
• Syringe Bulbs